Tyddyn Llan Restaurant with Rooms is on the outskirts of the village of Llandrillo, which is in the Vale of Edeyrnion on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in an area of remarkable natural beauty.  The business is owned and run by husband and wife, Bryan and Susan Webb and their loyal team of staff.

We are committed to helping the environment in the way we run our business and how we encourage our customers to be aware of environmental issues within both our business and the surrounding area.

We are committed to preventing pollution by ensuring that all staff are trained in good working practices and guests are made aware of environmental matters.

We are also committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation as it applies to Tyddyn Llan

We are aware that businesses such as ours have an impact on the environment; an influx of visitor to the area, consumption of fuel, energy and water, the production of waste.

In order to help reduce the impact on the environment we do the following;

  1. Ask our guests to reuse towels etc, rather than replace each day to cut down on the use of detergents   and electricity. We also promote the use of refillable liquid soap to cut down on wastage.
  2. Try to cut down on the use of tumble driers and use low temperature washes where possible.
  3. We use low energy bulbs and dimmer switches where possible and ask customers not to leave the televisions and CD players on standby.
  4. We recycle all glass using a collection provided by Denbighshire county council.
  5. We recycle newspapers/cardboard as firelighters for our log fire in the lounge. We also use any wooden boxes and reclaimed wood from recent building works as fuel for the fire. Old menus are sent out as samples or we reuse the paper for internal office use as note pads etc.
  6. We have an oil-fired water and heating system that only heats the water on demand – no expensive storage.
  7. All bedroom radiators are individually controlled. All refurbish bathrooms we have installed dual flush toilets and hippo bags in all other toilets to help save water.
  8. We have a water meter to help us control our usage and water used for cooking vegetable etc is cooled and used to water the garden.  We also have 2 water butts in the herb garden.
  9. We purchase as much local produce as possible to help reduce the amount of fuel used in transportation.
  10. We have a total no smoking policy.
  11. We have a walk-in fridge, which is far more efficient as it use less electricity for the capacity compared to separate fridge cabinets.
  12. Our staff are encouraged to be energy efficient wherever possible.
  13. As a business we will also endeavour to continually improve our environmental management and performance by any other energy saving devices/policies where possible and continue to recycle as much waste as possible.